FPGAs : 1 on 1 Tutorial

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Are you trying to kick start a FPGA project but there is scrambled info on internet and make you confuse and hard to proceed to achieve your project objectives?

Yes , what you are missing right now is the proper flow to start the design with FPGAs.

We can have 1 day 1 on 1 meeting for us to guide and coach you the proper and professional way to design the FPGAs.

On this tutorial we will help you on

  1. Software and device installation – FPGAs vendor software is big and bulky, but sometimes we don’t need all of them.
  2. Basic digital electronics – Understanding the basic elements and their behavior will help you to have better concept to do the design.
  3. Simulator introduction – You need simulation to make sure your works fit your idea, let’s us teach you how to integrate different vendor’s functional model into simulator.
  4. Flow of implementation – Step by step to program FPGAs.
  5. Simple Project – We will design a simple project based on your needs and this project will be implemented during tutorial.

Tuition Fee : RM 350

Time : 9am to 5pm.

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