Objective :

  1. To interface with 1602 character LCD and display uptime of the system.


  1. PIC 18F4550 microcontroller board with pre-programmed Pinguino bootloader version 4.x.
  2. USB cable.
  3. 16×02 character LCD.
  4. 6 jumper wires.
  5. 10K ohms variable resistor.
  6. 470 ohms resistor.


  1. Familiar with Lab 1 experiment.


  • Connect LCD hardware as schematic below:

  • Open Pinguino IDE.
  • From Toolbar at the right-hand side, click on “07.Display“.
  • Click on folder “LiquidCrystal” and open “HelloWorld.pde“.
  • Do not modify programming on this tutorial, we will make enhancement at Lab 3.
  • Compile and upload to Pinguino.
  • Adjust variable resistor on board until user able to see characters appear on LCD screen.
  • LCD should show like picture below: