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Calling for ideas! Let us know if you have anything want us to make it as tutorial, mini project or product. You may win a free PCB fabrication if got selected

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Introducing tutorials for electronics beginners in basic electronics knowledge, softwares, microcontroller, FPGAs and etc

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Product and services

Providing fair price PCB fabrication services, FPGAs coaching session and electronics products will be available in nearer future

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How to order

Registration: Click on <Shop> button in website. Register and create an account. Select Type of Order: Click on the interested service or product If PCB service is selected, you need to upload your Gerber files by clicking button <Upload File>. If upload is successful, click <Add to Cart>, total price will be updated at the top

Working on PCB Tools?

Introduction Most of the time EE engineering students have to design their own electronics circuit and prototype their circuit on breadboard. It is amazing when the circuit functionality meets their objectives. However, it is even better if the circuit can be professionally arranged and prototyped on neat and tidy printed circuit board. Nice presentation probably

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