Prerequisite – Software Part


This prerequisite may not valid in the future Pinguino IDE release. Pinguino Software developers will make sure their software compatible with OS from time to time.

Software Part:

  • Pinguino community has developed a new installer to ease the installation of IDE. Goto to download NSIS installer for Windows.
  • Double-click the installer. Select preference in language and hit “Install“.
  • When Python installer pop-up during the installation, hit “Next” until installation completed.
  • For Windows 10 user, installation stopped when trying yo install “Git-Python“. 

Packages Workarounds:

  • So manual installation for “Git-Python” needed for Windows 10 user.
  • Goto and click “Download Zip” on the right.
  • Extract it to directory “C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages“.
  • Now, hit “Windows” button on keyboard, then type “powershell” to search for Windows Powershell apps.



  • When Powershell pop-up, type $env:path=“$env:Path;C:\Python27”.
  • Next, change directory to “cd C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\GitPython-master“.
  • Type “python install” and hit enter to start install “Git-Python“.
  • After installation completed, click “Cancel” on Pinguino installer and re-open installer by double click the installer.
  • User will see now installer no longer stop at Git-Python error code. But it could stop at other Python package installation.
  • Repeat manual installation above for package following:

Complete the Installation Steps:

  • Installer will ask user whether to install Pinguino compiler for 8-bits PIC. Click “Yes“. It is optional for 32-bits PIC Pinguino compiler.
  • Installer will then ask whether want to install Pinguino driver. Press “Yes“. Another pop-up will instruct user to connect Pinguino Board, ignore this step by click “OK“.
  • LibUSB-win32 driver installer will pop-up. Complete the installation.
  • Now, Pinguino IDE installation completed and ready to use.





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