Simple PCB Express


We are no longer manufacture and fabricate the printed circuit board by ourselves as we previously do due to we are moving to focus on other area like electronics design and implementation for our customers.

However, we like to serve existing customers or new-coming customers that still interested on our “Simple PCB Express” service. Thus, we would like to continue this service but the fabrication part will be handled by experienced China OEM and we are making small profit as a middle-man and ensure boards are delivered nicely.

Risks and Cautions:

  1. We are no longer held responsibility for design files, if your designs are confidential for business purposes, you need to find other vendor to help out.
  2. We are no longer in control of delivering time frame. It means we have dependency on China OEM delivery schedule, thus we are unable to make it faster to deliver your board.


  • Free Postage
  • Lead time : Estimated 12 working days
  • Material : FR-4
  • Soldermask : Green [default option]
  • Silkscreen : White [default option]
  • Trace : 6 mil [minimum]
  • Copper Weight : 1oz/ 35um [default option]
  • Hole width : 0.25mm to 6.35mm
  • Board thickness : 1.6mm [default option]


Dimension10cm x 10cm or less
Volume10 Pieces
PriceRM 75
Dimension5cm x 5cm or less
Volume10 Pieces
PriceDrop your Gerber files to for quotation